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Let’s talk about Brazil National Day. Brazil, the largest country in South America, is known for its colorful culture, lively people, and festive celebrations. On September 7th of each year, Brazilians commemorate their independence from Portugal, which was achieved on September 7th, 1822. This day is known as Brazil National Day, and it is a day of immense national pride and joy. In this article, we will take a closer look at Brazil National Day, its history, and the various ways in which Brazilians celebrate this important holiday.

Brazil’s Road to Independence

Brazil was a Portuguese colony for over three centuries, until the early 19th century when a series of events led to the country’s independence. In 1807, the Portuguese royal family, fearing the advance of Napoleon’s armies, fled to Brazil and made Rio de Janeiro their new capital. This move significantly increased Brazil’s importance within the Portuguese Empire, and it paved the way for the country’s eventual independence.

The process of independence began in 1821, when the Portuguese government demanded that Brazil return to its former status as a colony. The Brazilians, led by the son of the Portuguese King, Dom Pedro I, resisted this demand and instead declared Brazil’s independence on September 7th, 1822. This marked the birth of the independent Brazilian Empire, with Dom Pedro I as its first emperor.

Brazil National Day Traditions and Customs

Brazil National Day is a day of great celebration across the country, and it is marked by various traditions and customs. Let’s take a look at some of the most significant ones.

Flag-Raising Ceremony

One of the most important traditions of Brazil National Day is the flag-raising ceremony. This event takes place in cities and towns across the country, and it involves the raising of the Brazilian flag while the national anthem is played. This ceremony symbolizes the country’s independence and sovereignty, and it is an opportunity for Brazilians to show their patriotism.

Military Parade

Another significant tradition of Brazil National Day is the military parade, which takes place in the capital city of Brasília. This parade involves the participation of various military units, including the army, navy, and air force. The parade is a display of military strength and national pride, and it is a favorite among Brazilians of all ages.

Fireworks and Street Parties

Fireworks and street parties are also an important part of Brazil National Day celebrations. People gather in the streets to watch colorful fireworks displays, dance to lively music, and enjoy traditional Brazilian foods and drinks. The atmosphere is festive and joyful, and it is a great opportunity to experience Brazilian culture at its best.

Traditional Brazilian Foods

No celebration in Brazil is complete without food, and Brazil National Day is no exception. Brazilians typically enjoy traditional dishes such as feijoada, a hearty stew made with black beans, pork, and beef; churrasco, a type of barbecue; and brigadeiros, a type of chocolate truffle. These dishes are an integral part of Brazilian cuisine, and they are often enjoyed with family and friends during the holiday.

Brazil National Day in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected people all over the world, and Brazil is no exception. In 2020, the traditional Brazil National Day celebrations were scaled back due to the pandemic. Many of the usual public events, such as the military parade and large-scale street parties, were canceled or moved to virtual formats. However, Brazilians still found ways to celebrate the holiday while adhering to safety guidelines. Families gathered in small groups to enjoy traditional foods and watch fireworks displays from a safe distance. Online events and concerts were also held to bring people together virtually. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the spirit of Brazil National Day and the pride of being Brazilian remained strong.


Brazil National Day is a significant holiday that holds great meaning for the people of Brazil. It is a day of celebrating the country’s independence, its rich culture, and its vibrant people. From the flag-raising ceremony to the military parade and street parties, Brazilians come together to show their national pride and celebrate their heritage. Even in the midst of a global pandemic, the spirit of Brazil National Day lives on.


  • Is Brazil National Day a public holiday in Brazil?

Yes, it is a national holiday and most businesses and schools are closed.

  • What is the significance of September 7th in Brazil?

It is the day when Brazil declared its independence from Portugal in 1822.

  • What types of foods are typically eaten during Brazil National Day celebrations?

Traditional Brazilian dishes such as feijoada, churrasco, and brigadeiros are often enjoyed during the holiday.

  • What is the flag-raising ceremony during Brazil National Day?

It is a tradition where the Brazilian flag is raised while the national anthem is played, symbolizing the country’s independence and sovereignty.

  • How did Brazilians celebrate Brazil National Day during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Many public events were canceled or moved to virtual formats, but families still gathered in small groups to celebrate and online events were also held.


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