Germany National Airline: A Comprehensive Guide to Lufthansa

When it comes to German National Airline, one of the most recognizable name is Lufthansa. As the country’s flag carrier, Lufthansa has a rich history and is one of the largest airlines in Europe. In this article, we will delve into the world of Lufthansa and provide you with everything you need to know about this renowned airline.

History of Lufthansa

Lufthansa was founded in 1953 as a successor to Deutsche Luft Hansa, which was Germany’s national airline during the early 20th century. Lufthansa began operations in 1955, and since then, it has grown to become one of the largest airlines in Europe. Today, Lufthansa is a member of the Star Alliance, a global airline alliance that includes other major airlines such as United Airlines, Air Canada, and Singapore Airlines.

Fleet and Routes

Lufthansa operates a fleet of over 270 aircraft, including Airbus A320s, Boeing 747s, and Airbus A380s. The airline operates flights to over 220 destinations worldwide, including 18 destinations within Germany. Lufthansa is also a member of the Lufthansa Group, which includes other airlines such as Austrian Airlines, Swiss International Air Lines, and Eurowings.

Lufthansa Lounges and In-Flight Amenities

Lufthansa offers a range of amenities to its passengers, including access to its lounges, which are available to passengers flying in Business or First Class or who hold elite frequent flyer status. These lounges offer comfortable seating, free Wi-Fi, and complimentary food and drinks. In addition, Lufthansa’s in-flight amenities include a variety of meals and drinks, as well as access to personal entertainment systems.

Travel Classes of Germany National Airline

Lufthansa offers four classes of travel: Economy Class, Premium Economy Class, Business Class, and First Class. Each class offers a unique experience and level of service.

Economy Class

Lufthansa’s Economy Class provides a comfortable and affordable way to travel. Passengers can enjoy in-flight meals and drinks, as well as access to Lufthansa’s entertainment system. In addition, Lufthansa’s Economy Class seats are designed for maximum comfort, with adjustable headrests and ample legroom.

Premium Economy Class

Lufthansa’s Premium Economy Class offers a more spacious and comfortable experience compared to Economy Class. Passengers in Premium Economy Class can enjoy wider seats with additional legroom, as well as a greater degree of recline. In addition, Premium Economy passengers receive a range of amenities, including noise-canceling headphones and an amenity kit.

Business Class

Lufthansa’s Business Class offers a premium travel experience, with fully flat beds and a range of amenities. Passengers can enjoy access to Lufthansa’s Business Lounges, as well as in-flight meals created by renowned chefs. In addition, Business Class passengers receive a range of amenities, including noise-canceling headphones and a personal amenity kit.

First Class

Lufthansa’s First Class offers the ultimate in luxury air travel. Passengers in First Class can enjoy a personal, spacious suite with a fully flat bed, a private wardrobe, and a personal entertainment system. In addition, First Class passengers receive access to Lufthansa’s First Class Lounges, which offer fine dining and a range of premium amenities.

Frequent Flyer Program – Miles & More

Lufthansa’s frequent flyer program, Miles & More, offers a range of benefits to its members, including the ability to earn and redeem miles on Lufthansa flights and flights with partner airlines. Miles & More members can also enjoy access to Lufthansa’s lounges and other exclusive benefits.

Safety Record and Awards

Lufthansa has a strong safety record, with no major accidents in recent years. The airline has also received a range of awards for its service, including awards for its in-flight entertainment and customer service.

Sustainability Efforts by Germany National Airline

Lufthansa is committed to sustainability, with a range of initiatives aimed at reducing its carbon footprint and promoting environmentally responsible practices. These initiatives include the use of sustainable biofuels, the implementation of more fuel-efficient aircraft, and the reduction of single-use plastics on board its flights.

Lufthansa Customer Service

Lufthansa is known for its high level of customer service, with a dedicated customer service team available to assist passengers with any issues or concerns. In addition, Lufthansa offers a range of online services, including online check-in and the ability to manage your booking online.


  • Does Lufthansa offer Wi-Fi on its flights?

Yes, Lufthansa offers Wi-Fi on many of its flights, although there may be a fee for this service.

  • What is the baggage allowance for Lufthansa flights?

The baggage allowance for Lufthansa flights varies depending on the route and travel class. Economy Class passengers are generally allowed one piece of checked baggage weighing up to 23 kg, while Business and First Class passengers may be allowed more.

  • How do I earn miles with Lufthansa’s Miles & More program?

You can earn miles with Lufthansa’s Miles & More program by flying with Lufthansa or one of its partner airlines, or by using a Miles & More credit card.

  • Does Lufthansa offer a mobile app?

Yes, Lufthansa offers a mobile app that allows you to manage your booking, check in for your flight, and access your boarding pass.

  • Can I upgrade my seat on a Lufthansa flight?

Yes, you can upgrade your seat on a Lufthansa flight, although this will depend on availability and the fare class you have booked.


Lufthansa is a leading airline in Germany and Europe, offering a range of travel classes and a strong commitment to customer service and sustainability. Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, Lufthansa is a great choice for your next trip.


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