Canada National Hero: Terry Fox

In this article, we will explore the life and legacy of Terry Fox, a remarkable individual who has become the Canada National Hero. From his early childhood to his courageous battle against cancer, and his enduring impact on cancer research, Terry Fox’s story has inspired millions around the world.

Who is Canada National Hero?

Terry Fox was a Canadian athlete and activist who captured the hearts of people worldwide with his extraordinary determination and selflessness. Born on July 28, 1958, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Terry displayed remarkable athleticism from an early age.


Terry Fox’s childhood was marked by his passion for sports and his unwavering dedication. Growing up in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, he excelled in various sports, particularly basketball and distance running. His commitment and perseverance served as a foreshadowing of the incredible journey he would embark upon later in life.

Cancer Diagnosis

In 1977, at the age of 18, Terry Fox received a devastating diagnosis. He was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer. The medical recommendation was to amputate his right leg, resulting in a life-changing decision for Terry.

Marathon of Hope

Driven by a desire to make a difference and raise awareness for cancer research, Terry Fox devised a plan to run across Canada. His goal was to cover a marathon distance every day and collect funds for cancer research along the way. This ambitious endeavor became known as the “Marathon of Hope.”


Prior to starting the Marathon of Hope, Terry Fox underwent rigorous training and made meticulous preparations. He worked with experts to design a prosthetic leg that would support his running and endured physically demanding workouts to strengthen his body for the grueling journey ahead.

Journey Begins

On April 12, 1980, Terry Fox dipped his artificial leg into the Atlantic Ocean in St. John’s, Newfoundland, and set off on his historic run. Despite facing numerous challenges, including harsh weather conditions, rough terrains, and physical discomfort, Terry’s determination remained unwavering.

Impact of Canada National Hero

Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope captured the attention of the entire nation and soon garnered international recognition. His run not only raised significant funds for cancer research but also ignited a newfound sense of hope and unity among Canadians. Terry’s indomitable spirit inspired countless individuals to believe in their own potential to create change.


Throughout his journey, Terry Fox faced countless obstacles. Despite the physical strain and the recurrence of cancer, he persevered, fueled by the desire to make a difference. His unwavering resolve in the face of adversity became a testament to the human spirit.

Media Attention

As Terry Fox ran across the country, his story gained widespread media coverage. News outlets and journalists documented his journey, capturing the hearts of viewers and readers around the world. Terry’s dedication to his cause and his personal story resonated deeply with people from all walks of life.

Legacy of Canada National Hero

Terry Fox’s legacy is unparalleled. After being forced to end his run in Thunder Bay, Ontario, due to his declining health, Terry’s dream lived on. The Terry Fox Foundation was established in his honor to continue raising funds for cancer research. To this day, the annual Terry Fox Run takes place in communities across Canada, keeping his spirit alive.


Terry Fox’s impact on Canadian society is immeasurable. Memorials and statues have been erected in his honor, serving as reminders of his courage and determination. These landmarks serve as gathering places for individuals to reflect on his legacy and the ongoing fight against cancer.


Terry Fox’s story has inspired millions of people worldwide. His resilience, determination, and selflessness continue to inspire individuals facing their own challenges. Terry’s belief in the power of one person to make a difference resonates deeply, reminding us that even in the face of adversity, we can have a lasting impact.

Recognition as Canada National Hero

Terry Fox’s remarkable efforts have been recognized with numerous awards and honors. He was named a Companion of the Order of Canada, and his legacy has been celebrated through the establishment of the Terry Fox Hall of Fame. These accolades reflect the immense admiration and respect Canadians have for their national hero.

Continuing the Fight

Terry Fox’s legacy extends beyond his marathon run. The funds raised in his name have made significant contributions to cancer research, leading to advancements in treatment and improving the lives of countless individuals. His determination to find a cure for cancer lives on in the ongoing efforts of researchers and medical professionals.


Terry Fox’s legacy as Canada’s national hero is one that will endure for generations. His Marathon of Hope touched the hearts of people worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on society. Terry’s extraordinary courage, resilience, and unwavering commitment to his cause continue to inspire individuals to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others.


1. Who is Terry Fox?

Terry Fox was a Canadian athlete and activist known for his courageous cross-Canada run to raise funds for cancer research.

2. What was the Marathon of Hope?

The Marathon of Hope was Terry Fox’s ambitious plan to run across Canada to raise awareness and funds for cancer research.

3. Did Terry Fox complete his run?

Unfortunately, Terry Fox was unable to complete his run as his cancer reoccurred, forcing him to end his journey.

4. How has Terry Fox’s legacy continued?

The Terry Fox Foundation was established in Terry’s honor to continue raising funds for cancer research, and the annual Terry Fox Run takes place across Canada every year.

5. What impact has Terry Fox had on cancer research?

Terry Fox’s efforts have made significant contributions to cancer research, leading to advancements in treatment and improving the lives of many individuals.


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