Belarus National Day: Celebrating the Country’s Independence on 3 July

Belarus National Day is a momentous occasion for the Belarusian people as they celebrate their independence and national identity. On 3 July each year, the country commemorates its liberation from Nazi occupation during World War II and the establishment of the Belarusian People’s Republic in 1918. This day is a public holiday, and festivities are held throughout the country to honor the national flag, the national emblem, and the national anthem. In this article, we will delve into the history, significance, and celebration of Belarus National Day.

Historical background of Belarus National Day

Belarus National Day dates back to the country’s first independence in 1918, when the Belarusian People’s Republic was established. However, this republic was short-lived and was absorbed by the Soviet Union in 1919. During World War II, Belarus was occupied by Nazi Germany, resulting in the loss of one-third of the country’s population. It was not until 1944 that the Soviet army liberated Belarus from Nazi occupation. On 3 July 1944, the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic was established, and this day became known as Belarus National Day.

The significance of Belarus National Day

Belarus National Day is a symbol of the country’s independence and a celebration of its national identity. It is an opportunity for Belarusians to reflect on their history, culture, and achievements. The day is also a reminder of the sacrifices made by the Belarusian people during World War II and their struggle for liberation from foreign oppression.

Celebration of Belarus National Day

Belarus National Day is celebrated throughout the country with parades, concerts, and fireworks. The festivities begin on the evening of 2 July with a concert and a fireworks display. On 3 July, a military parade is held in Minsk, the capital city, which is attended by the President and other dignitaries. The parade showcases the country’s military might and its technological advancements.

In addition to the parade, there are also cultural events, such as traditional music and dance performances, exhibitions, and fairs. The day is an occasion for families and friends to gather and celebrate together.

Traditional foods and drinks on Belarus National Day

Belarus National Day is also an opportunity to enjoy traditional Belarusian foods and drinks. Popular dishes include draniki (potato pancakes), machanka (pork stew), and kalduny (meat dumplings). The national drink of Belarus is krambambula, a sweet liqueur made from honey, spices, and vodka.

Belarus National Day traditions and customs

Apart from the official celebrations, Belarus National Day also has some traditional customs and rituals. One of the most popular is the wearing of the national colors – red and green – and the national emblem. People also decorate their homes and public spaces with flags and banners.

Another tradition is the lighting of fires at night, which symbolizes the victory of light over darkness. The fires are also believed to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck. In some parts of the country, people also make bonfires and jump over them, as a way of purifying themselves.

Why is Belarus National Day important to Belarusians?

Belarus National Day is a source of national pride and unity for Belarusians. It celebrates the country’s history, culture, and identity, and reminds people of the sacrifices made by their ancestors. It also provides an opportunity for Belarusians to come together and celebrate their achievements as a nation.

How to celebrate Belarus National Day outside Belarus?

Belarusians living outside the country can also celebrate Belarus National Day in their own way. They can attend local events and festivals, organize gatherings with friends and family, and share traditional Belarusian foods and drinks. They can also wear the national colors and symbols, and decorate their homes and workplaces with Belarusian flags and banners.

Belarus National Day events and activities

There are numerous events and activities held throughout Belarus to celebrate National Day. Some of the most popular ones include the military parade in Minsk, the fireworks display, and the cultural performances. There are also exhibitions and fairs showcasing traditional crafts, food, and drinks.

Belarus National Day FAQ

  • Is Belarus National Day a public holiday?

Yes, it is a public holiday in Belarus.

  • What is the significance of Belarus National Day?

Belarus National Day commemorates the country’s independence and celebrates its national identity.

  • What are the traditional foods and drinks on Belarus National Day?

Popular dishes include draniki, machanka, and kalduny, while the national drink is krambambula.

  • How can Belarusians living outside the country celebrate National Day?

They can attend local events, organize gatherings, and share traditional foods and drinks.

  • What are the traditional customs and rituals on Belarus National Day?

Wearing the national colors and emblem, decorating with flags and banners, and lighting fires at night.


Belarus National Day is an important occasion for the Belarusian people, as they celebrate their independence and national identity. The day is filled with festivities and traditions, and provides an opportunity for reflection and unity. Belarusians living outside the country can also join in the celebration and share in the national pride.


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