Bangladesh National Bird: The Magpie Robin

The Magpie Robin, also known as the Oriental Magpie Robin or Doyel, is a small passerine bird native to South and Southeast Asia. This melodious songbird is the Bangladesh National bird, where it is known as the “Doyel Pakhi.” Revered for its enchanting song and striking appearance, the Magpie Robin holds a special place in the hearts of the Bangladeshi people.

Description of Bangladesh National Bird

The Magpie Robin(Copsychus saularis) is a small bird, measuring about 19-21 cm in length and weighing around 30-35 grams. It has a black and white plumage, with the male possessing a glossy black upper body, head, and throat, while the female has a greyish-black hue. Both sexes have a white belly and a distinctive white wing patch, which becomes more visible when they are in flight.

Magpie’s Habitat and Distribution

The Magpie Robin is commonly found in open woodlands, gardens, parks, and cultivated areas across Bangladesh. Its range extends from India and Sri Lanka in the west to Indonesia, the Philippines, and southern China in the east. The bird thrives in both rural and urban environments and is often seen perched on rooftops and fences.

Behavior and Diet

The Magpie Robin is an insectivorous bird, feeding primarily on insects like beetles, caterpillars, and ants. It also consumes small fruits and nectar from flowers. This bird is known for its agile hunting techniques, as it hops on the ground or perches on low branches to catch its prey.

Breeding and Nesting

The breeding season of Magpie Robins in Bangladesh usually extends from March to August. They build their nests in tree cavities, wall crevices, or any suitable hollow structure. The female lays 3-5 pale blue eggs, which are incubated for around 12-14 days. Both parents participate in raising the chicks, which fledge after about 12-18 days.

Conservation Status of Bangladesh National Bird

The Magpie Robin is listed as a species of Least Concern by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) due to its widespread distribution and stable population. However, habitat loss and degradation, pesticides, and illegal pet trade pose threats to the species in certain parts of its range.


1. Why is the Magpie Robin the national bird of Bangladesh?

The Magpie Robin was chosen as the national bird of Bangladesh because of its melodious song and its widespread presence across the country, symbolizing unity and harmony.

2. What is the significance of the Magpie Robin in Bangladeshi culture?

The Magpie Robin is deeply ingrained in Bangladeshi culture, as it is often featured in poetry, songs, and folktales. The bird is also considered a harbinger of good fortune and happiness.

3. How can I identify a Magpie Robin?

Magpie Robins can be identified by their black and white plumage, distinctive white wing patch, and melodious song. Males have a glossy black upper body, while females have a greyish-black hue.

4. What can I do to help conserve the Magpie Robin?

To help conserve the Magpie Robin, you can support habitat preservation efforts, avoid using harmful pesticides in your garden, and discourage the illegal pet trade by not purchasing wild-caught birds.


The Magpie Robin is a symbol of national pride for Bangladesh and a beloved part of the country’s rich cultural heritage. As an ornithologist and bird lover, it is essential to appreciate and protect this melodious songbird to ensure its continued presence in the diverse ecosystems of Bangladesh and beyond.

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